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SportCount Customer Feedback

Hi Mark, first session last night and the SportCount Chrono 100 worked brilliantly! Unfortunately it did not make me faster this time tho..... !
David, UK

Andrew, I have received the new lap counter & timer and would like to thank you for all your help and customer service I would certainly recommend your company. Many thanks again.
(Sue, UK)

I bought a Sportcount 100 over a year ago now and use it 5 or 6 days a week. I thought it was time to tell you how pleased i have been with it and how simple it is to use. I find keeping track of the number of laps a little dull and tend to drift off. All sorted now. I get a time per lap, overall time and the average time each swim and this allows me to see how I am doing and what affects my performance. I have tried another pool side counter at a lot more money. It tends to either fall off or get knocked by others so I do not get accurate times. The SportCount solves all these issues and I think it is a fabulous piece of kit and one the the best things I have bought for a very long time.
(John, Reading)

"I love this product this is my 7th - another birthday gift for a fellow swimmer!"
(David, Burnham-on Crouch)

Dear Mark, I was more than surprised to have my order processed within less than 24 hrs. Thank you,that is what I call excellent service. Can you work for the Government, it would help the country in our hour of need!
(Geraldine Barber, Cambridge)

Mark, thank you for the email and voicemail - I appreciated the update. Compliments to you on your customer service as you do not normally get a personal service from a web base company - Thank you!
(Alex, Midlands)

My order arrived today (Friday) after only ordering it Wednesday evening - what fantastic service. I will definitely order from your site again (after the Christmas panic is over!)
(G Murray, Northolt)

I am so glad I found this product! I drempt this would exist and sure enough, it does!! I can't wait to stop trying to count my laps!
(Mollie, Kent)

Hi Mark, The goods arrived this morning and is exactly what I wanted...If only the rest of my Christmas shopping was this easy! Cheers.
(Neil Benton, North Yorkshire)

Hello...the SportCount and Aquabeat arrived yesterday and all works excellently! I was very surprised for the extremely fast delivery! Thank you again very much!
(Zsolt Kovacs, Helsinki, Finland)

Hi Mark, just to let you know that I received it (SportCount) on Monday as you said. Tried it out yesterday for the first time. Very cool gadget and does exactly what it says on the tin!!!
(Jon, Cheshie)

Hi Mark, just wanted to say thanks for the speedy delivery of my SportCount Chrono 100. My old clunky lapcounter had failed and I needed a replacement fast as my wandering mind couldn't keep count of my lengths, probably because I'm such a slow swimmer! I did a few dry-runs (haa haa) and have to say that I was really worried that I had wasted my money. I didn't like the feel of the strap, and found that I kept missing the click and was utterly convinced I wouldn't be able to see the lap number before it flashed back to the time. Getting it to pause didn't seem to work either.
HOWEVER all that changed when I used it during a swim session. What a fantastic product. The strap was extremely comfy and I barely noticed I was wearing it. The button click was simple to find by instinct, yes I could see the lap time and I managed to pause and restart. It seems then that my test run helped orientate me for the real thing and now I can't imagine swimming without it.
Brilliant product, thank you! (please feel free to use this in your Customer Feedback section!)
(Shridan, UK)

Dear Mark, just wanted to say how pleased I was with my speedy order and how thrilled I am with my new lap counter - it's fantastic!  I swim regularly and enjoy it but don't do anything fancy like competitions etc. I mostly swim to keep strength and flexibility in my neck after a head injury. I was getting totally distracted by counting my laps and frequently losing track but since using this counter it's been brilliant. I'm now much more focussed on my swimming and have been pleasantly surprised to find that I have obviously 'under-counted' as I am swimming more laps than I had realised - excellent!
What a great item and thanks for such great service too.
(Elaine Burke)

Mark, just wanted to say thanks for the speedy delivery on the SportCount. Only ordered late on Tues night and it's arrived less than 48 hours later. Great service. Noticed from your card that you're based in Nottingham which is where I live. No idea you were so local to us. There's lots of people at work who might be interested in getting a SportCount when I show them! Regards,

Hi, I just ordered 90000 SportCount Chrono 100 from Mark and I received the package in just few days. The order and delivery process was excellent! Also the product it self is what every swimmer needs to have. SportCount helps me finding the best swimming style based on easy lap time analyse. Highly recommended! Best Regards
(Juha, Finland)

Hi Mark, could you please send me another of these - I absolutely love mine and my partner keeps "borrowing" it! Same item, same address, same credit card. Many thanks
(Angie, Switzerland)

Order went through no problems. Thanks for all your help. I'll be sure to pass on news of your fab service to all in my triathlon club!!
(Dave Lunn, Cumbria)

Wanted to say a big thanks for the quick delivery and excellent product. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now, and aside from being slower over 1500 than I thought, I have had no problems at all with it. It's a great training aid and combines my love of gadgets with swimming! Thanks
(Frazer, London)

Hi Mark, Thanks, I received my 2 SportsCount lap counters in this mornings mail. We went staight to the pool to swim 64 lenths to try them out. What a pleasure to use. Every swimmer on this planet should have one!!! I swim purely for exercise but the counting of laps was taking the fun out of it.
(Ysanne Roxburgh)

Hi Mark, just a quick line to say how impressed I am with your service / speed. Got home last night really not feeling like going for my hour swim, but seeing my new gadget was there to use got me motivated and in the pool. Found it really good to now know how far I'm swimming and my average speed. As I'm competing in Iron man UK in September this information is really valuable. I will be recommending you to fellow friends who may find the lap counter of use.
(Peter Cunio)

Hi Mark, thank-you very much for your excellent customer service - as I have received my SportCount today!
(Helen, Sheffield)

Just wanted to say thanks for my SportCount - it arrived yesterday morning, so I took it for a swim last night. I am absolutly delighty with the product and with the service!
(Rachel Long)

Swimming takes a lot of concentration, especially when you’re not good at it like me. Swimming requires some strength and endurance, but it is mostly a skill activity. The better your technique, the less energy you have to exert, or you can go faster without exerting as much energy. I’m constantly telling myself to keep my hands and arms streamlined, keep my face down, rotate from the hips when breathing, be mindful of my recovery, etc. With all of this going on, I would lose track of what length I was swimming. Getting through to length 8 or 16 was easy. As I became physically and mentally tired I couldn’t remember if I was on length 30, and needed to do another 50 meters, or length 32, and needed to take a break. Enter the SportCount. It’s a very cheap and simple device. It wraps around your index finger via a velcro strap. The large button is used to count laps — or lengths, as I do, and to reset the counter via a prolonger push. The unit powers off after around a minute or two of inactivity. The pressure required to activate the buttons are just about right. I haven’t mistakenly counted two laps, nor have I thought I counted a lap and didn’t press hard enough. Cannot recommend this product highly enough for all swimmers.