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SportCount Europe recognises that it has an obligation to minimise its environmental impacts by the implementation of a planned and managed system. The Company is committed to continual improvement of its environmental performance and will set clear objectives which will be regularly monitored.

In particular, the company will:-
1. comply with all relevant environmental legislation both to the letter and within the spirit of the law.

2. source our paper based materials from organisations using sustainable/managed forests and product which has the minimum pollutants e.g. heavy metals

3. use the best available technology, wherever economically possible, to reduce the impact of its activities on the local environment.

4. minimise our waste and reduce the amount of product going to landfill by recycling

5. raise the awareness of employees concerning waste reduction, energy conservation and prevention of pollution.

6. seek advice from the appropriate organisations dealing with environmental issues

7. integrate its environmental policy with its health, safety and quality policies to ensure that all aspects of production, service and transportation are undertaken have the minimum impact on the environment.

8. adopt a purchasing policy which is designed to take into consideration environmental aspects and impacts

9. communicate this policy to all employees, contractors and other relevant stakeholders including neighbours.

10. develop effective methods of dealing with accidents and emergencies to minimize environmental damage. Whilst the final responsibility for health and safety rests with the Managing Director, it will be the responsibility of other Directors and Managers to ensure that the Policy is carried out effectively. However, we expect all employees to co-operate with management and to work in a manner which ensures that we maintain a safe and healthy working environment as well as meeting our statutory requirement.